Joico K-Pak Hair Rejuvenating System

4-step treatment

Increase style-ability, elasticity, shine and condition with this deep-penetrating treatment is suitable for all hair types and that prevents colour from fading by rebuilding hair internally.

The K-PAK hair protection system contains a fusion of potent antioxidants, essential fatty acids and botanical moisturizers.

The four-step treatment begins with a clarifying shampoo that cleanses deeply to remove any mineral deposit and hair product build-up to ensure the ingredients can penetrate the hair with maximum effect.

The second phase, the cuticle sealer, smooths and constricts the hair cuticle. It increases elasticity to make your hair more resilient.

Phase three is a deep-penetrating hair reconstructor.
Packed with protein, this step works hard to rebuild the hair structure and internally helps to prevent hair colour from fading.
This means your colour stays brighter and lasts longer because the internal support system is improved, this nourishing formula also increases the hair’s shine, general condition and manageability.

The fourth and final step is an intense hydrating hair masque.
Infusing your hair with much needed moisture and sealing the cuticles. The result is shiny, strong, healthy hair that’s easy to style and full of bounce and body.

Make this exclusive treatment part of your regular salon routine.